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To ensure that any network participant has the background to speak about climate science, they should have an advanced degree (or degree in progress) in a field of physical or social science that relates to climate science and/or climate adaptation and impacts, OR have experience as a communications professional having addressed climate science/issues as a career focus, OR have other relevant experience as an authority on climate science/issues that can be considered. Speaker profiles will be reviewed before they are approved and made public. Any fictitious, threatening or inappropriate posts will be blocked or removed by the webmaster.

Climate Voices welcomes knowledgeable, experienced, and credible participants from the community who are enthusiastic about communicating with the public.

Rigorous analysis of all data and lines of evidence shows that most of the observed global warming over the 50 past years or so cannot be explained by natural causes and instead requires a significant role for the influence of human activities. U.S. National Academies of Science and the Royal Society,
Climate Change – Evidence and Causes (2014)

Climate change will bring economic and environmental challenges as well as opportunities, and citizens who have an understanding of climate science will be better prepared to respond to both. Society needs citizens who understand the climate system and know how to apply that knowledge in their careers and in their engagement as active members of their communities. U.S. Global Change Research Program, Climate Literacy:
The Essential Principles of Climate Science (2009)

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