Climate Voices, Science Speakers Network brings scientists and their fellow citizens together in discussions of climate science and local impacts of climate change. The purpose of the network is to share scientists’ expertise and engage citizens in meaningful, ongoing dialogue about climate change effects on local communities, regions, and the country.

Climate Voices was established in early 2014 and has quickly gained momentum. It includes scientists from all 50 states and Puerto Rico who are called upon to engage with:

  • service organizations
  • faith-based institutions
  • chambers of commerce
  • economic development councils
  • university and college alumni associations
  • community colleges
  • schools and parent-teacher associations
  • city councils
  • local clubs
  • county commissioners
  • state representatives
  • local offices of U.S. senators and congressional representatives
  • industry groups
  • local policy makers
  • libraries
  • natural resource managers
  • other gatherings

Speakers voluntarily meet with groups of citizens, no matter the size, who would like to understand the science of our climate and engage in discussion about the effects and possible means of adapting to potential changes, no matter the cause.

Note – Speakers volunteer their time and do not expect a speaking fee. Some groups offer travel reimbursement if asking Speakers to travel outside of their immediate local area.

If you are a scientist reading this, we invite you to create a profile to become a speaker through Climate Voices. If you are a citizen who would like to learn more, we invite you to contact one or more of the Climate Voices scientists in your area to visit with your group.

Please let us know how we may improve our work to serve your interests in our planet’s climate. Thank you for your participation in this important activity.

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