Developing Creative Dialogue on the Issue of Climate Change

Jeff Kiehl, senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and licensed Jungian analyst, discusses how values, beliefs and social norms affect our understanding of climate...

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Film, Real People, and Solutions

Arizona State University's Peter Byck is an award-willing film director best known for the films, Garbage and Carbon Nation. With this July 2014 webinar, Peter addresses how to speak...

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Depolarizing Climate Conversations

Aaron Huertas, a science communications officer with the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) discusses ways that scientists can transcend these biases when communicating climate science. 

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Approaches to a Changing Climate

Jeff Deyette from the Union of Concerned Scientists discuss several important issues facing the power industry and recent advances in renewable energy.

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Climate Intervention: What is it and what technologies are being explored?

Dr. Phillip Rasch (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) and Dr. Simone Tilmes (National Center for Atmospheric Research) presented the basics of climate intervention, or geoengineering,...

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Geoengineering: What are the potential geopolitical and ethical issues?

Dr. David Victor, an internationally recognized leader in research on energy and climate change policy as well as energy markets presented the potential geopolitical and ethical issues involved...

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Climate Communications: Sharing the Good News

Richard Alley, distinguished Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences at Penn State University, and publicly acclaimed host of the PBS special, Earth: The Operators' Manual, cut through the climate...

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Connecting with the Faithful: Scientists Speak to the Religious Community

In this webinar, Cassandra Carmichael provided scientists with tips and techniques for presenting to the faith community on climate change. Participants  learned more about the religious...

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Connecting to Multi-Faith Communities with the Pope's encyclical

Cassandra Carmichael, the Executive Director of the National Religious Partners for the Environment, presents a broad, multi-faith perspective on the impact of the encyclicalwithin and beyond...

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COP21 - What Happened in Paris and What Comes Next?

After more than two decades of climate negotiations, on December 12 close to 200 countries approved an historic agreement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.  In this webinar,...

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Climate Change in the American Mind

Anthony Leiserowitz, Director Yale Project on Climate Change Communication Dr. Leiserowitz discusses the results of Yale Project surveys and the...

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Five Tips on Communicating Climate Science

Brief videotaped interviews with leading climate science communicators organize by the American Geophysical Union. Presents very basic and extremely helpful suggestions for successful...

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Climate Change: With Head and Heart

As scientists we are trained to focus on objective facts and emotionless data. This expertise has enabled us to rigorously document observed climate change, to painstakingly attribute observed...

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Beyond the Facts and Stories: Navigating the Psychological Dimensions of Communicating Climate Change with Renee Lertzman

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Connecting the Dots

A Communications Guide to Climate Change and Extreme Weather A Climate Nexus Guide to successful conversations about climate science.

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Climate Literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Science

An interagency guide that provides a framework and essential principles for conversations about climate science. It presents important information for individuals and communities to understand...

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American Climate Values 2014: psychographic and demographic insights

This ecoAmerica survey assesses climate and other values to provide information and insights for people who want to increase the effectiveness of their efforts to build public support for climate...

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The Uncertainty Handbook: A Practical Guide for Climate Change Communicators

Have you ever struggled with the communication of climate change uncertainties? Are you frustrated by climate sceptics using uncertainty – inherent in any area of complex science – as a...

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Slides: Depolarizing Climate Conversations

Aaron Huertas, Science Communications Officer Union of Concerned Scientists These slides correspond to Huertas's popular presentation on best practices for addressing ideological skepticism of...